We sell the following home made products in "Ouma Sannie se Winkel":

Jams: Adamsvye jam, apricot , peach, peach with grenadilla jam, quince, prickly pear, maketaan jam, whole maketaan pieces, marmalade, citrus rolls, half oranges, mulberry jam, canned peaches, canned turksvye, canned quinces and canned very ripe adamsvye and specialty - Aloe jam .

Chutney's: Gamkaskloof chutney, quince chutney, fruit chutney and pickles - pickle onions, mustard beans, curry beans, noodle salad, koperpennie carrot salad etc. . The variety sometimes differ, depending on fresh supply of organic vegetables and fruits in the garden and depending on each season .

Other products available: Wood, ice, soft drinks, Witblitz, liquor, postcards, car stickers, gifts, old fashioned soap, chocolates, sweets, chips and other cute goetjies.

Fresh products: Fontein Plaas Honey, homemade bread daily, ordering cakes . Cup cakes and other nice koekerasies daily .

Fresh Fontein Plaas Honey

Jam, Dried fruit etc.

Ouma Sannie se Winkel


Hel Blitz

Our new range of Witblitz products is now available at Ouma Sannie se winkel.  This unique spirits is made in a traditional way, wood fired.  Witblitz was used in Gamkaskloof since the Anglo Boer War, as medicine.  This product is made to bring authenticity back to the "Kloof".  We also have a range of Mampoer and flavoured Blitz.  Witblitz is always made from grapes, any variety.  Mampoer can be made from any fruit, with a good sugar content, or sugar can be added. Both Witblitz and Mampoer must have a crystal clear colour, if it's a good product.  Our Witblitz is a good 50% clear alcohol and some of our Mampoer and flavoured Blitz could be a bit less. Between 30% and 50%.Whiskey will be available in the near future.This n is a must have product to buy when you visit Gamkaskloof, Avery unique gift.

blitzb  mampoera heuningblitz

blitza blitzenmampoer hblitz


Crazy Nature Cakes

 We bake cakes and other delicious things for your special occasion, with your visit to Gamkaskloof.  Order in advance and wewill make your visit to Gamkaskloof unforgettable!  Contact: Marinette Joubert.